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Relationships that have Purpose! 🔑

The First Time that I ever met Marinet was back in 2013 when I (Victor Ortega) was hired as a Welcome Center Agent for Bluegreen Vacations at The Fountains Resort. I remember Marinet as always, being insightful and willing to help with any situation that I might have with my guest. I remember we always used to invite her over to our Potluck because she always made some amazing food. If you know you know. 😉

I always believed that I was meant to do Real Estate to help others achieve their Goals and make the impossible possible for them. I also believe that good people deserve good things to happen to them in life. Sometimes we might think that life is against us, but I feel like where there’s a will there’s always a way. Fast forward to 2023 and now Marinet and her daughter are Homeowners of their brand new townhome in the city of St. Cloud, Florida with the help and guidance of myself and partner/wife Gissel. We manage to help them find this beautiful home and not only that, but the incentives that she took advantage of are mind blowing! 🤯

Here are the highlights:

- 5.25 Interest Rate locked for 30 years

- $8,500 towards her Closing Costs, which covered most if not everything.

- The same home she purchased in June is now for sale for $20-$30,000 more than what she purchased it for meaning that she has already built equity in the property.

Now if you’re Renting, this message is for you. You can become a Homeowner, you can fire your landlord, we can make a plan to get you there but it’s going to require hard work and dedication from you. There’s incentives for you there’s ways to make you save money and have a lower interest rates. That way you’re paying as close as you pay in rent right now, but all you need is the team behind you that will make things happen for you the same way that we made it happen too many other families. 📲

We’re super happy for Marinet her daughter, and for the memories that they are going to create within their Home. This is why we cheer and celebrate with champagne because it’s a huge Milestone in anybody’s life so cheers to more families becoming homeowners! 🥂

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